The Mercedes-Benz AMG GT2 Pro is a special track toy that costs $508k

06, November 2023

The Mercedes-Benz AMG GT2 Pro is a special track toy that costs $508k

It hasn't been 12 months since the introduction of the Mercedes-AMG GT2 for racing enthusiasts, and a more powerful version named GT2 Pro has already been released. The non-homologated race car is limited to participation in private track days and targets affluent individuals capable of affording an expensive and exclusive racing toy.

The new Mercedes-AMG GT2 Pro is based on the first generation of the AMG GT, not on the new 2024 model introduced earlier this year. It's powered by the company's 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine, producing 697 horsepower, the same as the 2022 GT2 model. The key difference is that AMG has implemented a Push2Pass function that temporarily boosts power to 739 horsepower.

Alongside the enhanced V8, a six-speed sequential racing transmission has been installed on the rear axle in a transaxle configuration with modified gear ratios. The car also features a carbon fiber torque tube and transmits power exclusively to the rear wheels. Suspension improvements have been made compared to last year's car: the GT2 Pro now has four-way adjustable shocks instead of three-way.

Additionally, Mercedes-AMG has altered the track car's aerodynamics with new rear wing endplates. New 18-inch wheels for the GT2 Pro have also been developed, offered in two finishes, accompanied by a standard matte grey paint with decorative stripes and logos.

A series of changes has also been made to the car's interior. For example, a new steering wheel with additional controls, air conditioning, and exclusive stitching on the seats have been introduced. The matte grey dashboard from last year's car has been replaced by a matte carbon fiber dashboard. All buyers will also receive a special car cover, an individualized Bell helmet, and a full race apparel kit from Puma, including a custom race suit, gloves, underwear, and shoes.

Prospective customers will need to splurge €479,000 ($508,000) on the car, a €70,000 ($74,000) premium over the GT2. They will be able to participate in the exclusive AMG Racing Series, including exclusive track days throughout Europe. Mercedes-AMG will also provide comprehensive racing support and additional services like a personal engineer and spare parts supply for an additional fee.

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